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By the time an alcoholic or addict enters treatment there has already been months to years of breakdown in the family. The parent and child relationship being either dissolved or strained. With many alcoholics and addicts coming from an alcoholic family themselves or having experienced extensive trauma in their lives, they often don't have the experience with how to effectively parent even after they become sober. I use a unique approach of child development, Positive Discipline, and instinctual parenting to help parents re-establish and strengthen their relationship with their children no matter how often or in what circumstances they are engaging with their child. The challenges of early recovery are amplified when children are involved. When not handled correctly, there are two very real risks. The first being the sobriety of the parent and the second being chances that the child has of developing a substance abuse issue themselves when older. It's time to end this cycle.


How it's Taught

The End the Cycle program is an ongoing program with a 4 week class rotation that does not require the classes to be completed in a specific order. This is to accommodate the entering and graduating flow of patients. Each week the class will have a theme and within that include knowledge in the following areas

How it Works

Each class lays an evidence based groundwork that is founded through the latest research. To build out the facts I use the most current supporting theories in each area. Once this base is established we then move on to practical implementation skills and spiritual connection through the 12 steps.

Tenants for Each Class

  • Child Development
  • Human Development
  • Parenting Skills
  • 12 Step Tie In