End the Cycle

Cycle ending skills for parents 

What you do today affects how your children will parent their own kids.

  • Are you repeating patterns from your childhood that you can't break free from?


  • Is outside stress affecting how you parent?


  • The effects of growing up in a stressed household can affect a child for the rest of their lives

Why this needs to happen now

Are thing strained with your children right now? Do you feel like outside factors have sabotaged your relationship with them and you aren't sure if you can repair it? Have you tried to parent a specific way, but keep falling back into the patterns that you were raised with? How you raise your child today will affect how they live tomorrow and how they raise children. Families can fall into generations long cycles of substance abuse, depression and malcontent. Without the proper tools we are powerless against this force and end up repeating the cycle no matter how hard we try. In order to end the cycle you need to understand why these things are happening and how it is affecting your children. There are practical and actionable steps that you can start today that will end the cycle and let everyone in the family repair and recover together. 

Add a subheading

Do you want to understand where their anger and overwhelm comes from while parenting and obtain tools to help regulate yourself before responding to your children?

Are you ready to decide what you want your relationship to look like with your children going forward and start taking actionable steps towards that goal now?

Do you want to feel more comfortable being in the presence of your children? Do you want to learn how to do so in a way that encourages your children and facilities a healthy environment?

Are you currently separated from your children, seeing them infrequently or working on co-parenting? Do you want to start re-building the bonds with your children and learn how to be a better parenting partner?



End the Cycle: Cycling Ending Skills for Parents is a 4 lesson class. In person classes are taught in various facilities in and near Delray Beach, FL. For out of state, one on one classes or professionals interested in becoming certified to teach the course there are options as well. 

Email TheRespectedChild@gmail.com to learn how to bring this class to a facility near you. 

Megan D.

Colleen is an inspiring teacher and friend. Over the past three years she has helped my family grow and become healthier in SO many ways! She’s full of knowledge, kindness and love. Colleen is that friend you lean on during the hard times, the one who reminds you who you are! She very fails to amaze me with her gentleness and generosity toward others. Colleen encourages me to take the next step forward in becoming the Mom, Wife and Woman I am living to be! Thank you Colleen for being you. I’m beyond blessed to know you!