Free Online Child Development and Instincts Class

​Sign up now for my free online class ‘Raising Young Children in the 21st Century’ which will be available January 20th, 2019-January 27th, 2019. For parents with children ages 0-5 years old. 

What’s it all about?
Thank goodness for modern conveniences like houses, indoor plumbing, smart phones, winter coats and, well, everything! Raising Young Children in the 21st Century is a thought provoking webinar to explore how our modern day lifestyle is at odds with with our children’s, and at times our own, instincts.

Topics will include: Primal Parenting Instincts in Modern Day Parenting, Picky Eaters, The Copycat Instinct, The History of Potty Training, Why Does My Child Want The Same Book Over & Over and The Real Reason for Fairy Tales.

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