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Modern day parenting presents many challenges, including how much waste is produced by most current parenting practices. Now is the time to motivate your community to take the first steps in lowering their parenting footprint. With the correct knowledge any parent can implement a variety of parenting choices that range from easy to committed. What they all have in common? Helping save the planet one doll and diaper at a time. 

It's never too late. Grandparents can do their part to decrease the amount of parenting waste produced!

Is your audience past their parenting years, but are becoming grandparents? Some of the biggest gift givers tend to be grandparents. They mean well yet end up contributing to the problem. Grandparents can also be a valuable support for parents looking to lighten their footprint. Give the older generation in your life the gift of knowledge on what options are out there now. 

Are your products working double time?

Selecting the right products can mean the difference between years of use and filling up the landfill

Used is the new new

Pre-loved items often still have a lot of life left when it comes to children's products