Pregnancy Support Birth Preparation

Natural - Medicated - Cesarean - VBAC

Respected Birth Preparation

You and your baby are unique individuals so why take a one size fits all birth class? And how do you know which style to chose from and which will be best for your lifestyle and personality? Let me take the guess work out for you. Learn about birth your way on your time. Classes are 4, 1.5 hr long one on one sessions via an online platform.  Birth support companions are highly encouraged to be on the video calls, but not necessary

  • Birth basics
  • Comfort measures tailed to specifically to you
  • Birth plan creation
  • Specialty lessons based off your areas of need or interest
Diapering - Feeding - Sleeping - Parenting Methods

Baby Preparation

Learn how to care for your baby your way with a custom, private class where your lifestyle and personality dictate the curriculum.  Never changed a diaper? Have no idea how to get a baby to sleep? How many bottles does a baby need a day? Will they even use a bottle if I plan to breastfeed? These one on one sessions over an online video platform will give you all the answers you need to know and help guide you towards which methods are best for your family. 

Because you and your baby deserve the best

Pregnancy Concierge

Make the most of this beautiful time of your life with the luxurious pregnancy concierge experience. All custom just for you pregnancy and birth education and support. You will be working one on one with me throughout your pregnancy to curate your ideal experience. Pregnancy concierge service includes:

  • Custom birth classes
  • Custom birth plan
  • Custom parenting plan
  • Feeding plan (either breast fed or formula fed)
  • Baby registry advisory 
  • On call support 
Calm - Peaceful - Partners - Instinctive

HypnoBirthing Course - In person only

HypnoBirthing, also known as the Mongan method or instinctive birthing, is the key to a shorter more peaceful birth. Through the power of self hypnosis you will be able to get yourself into a relaxed and calm state that is beneficial for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is a 5 week long course with 2.5 hr long classes for the birthing mother and her partner.